About Risk-over Safety Reusable Products

Risk Over Safety Products business is established on the research and development for high performance medical  fabric. We are developing and leading our services for REUSABLE protective OT garments such as Surgical Gown, Scrub Suits, and Wrappers etc.

Risk-over has developed Eco-friendly &  Reusable surgical fabrics or garments to battle the spread of infection, bacteria & germs. Our Products have properties like- dust-free, sterile, static prevention properties, and have numerous applications in industrial and healthcare sector.

Our Hi-Tech garment  become a key player in the production of Reusable safety garments with regard to specialty Technical fabrics. 

Used for automotive, electronics, medical, food service, aerospace, and construction industries etc.

“High-end textiles for safety in hospitals and industry. Especially designed for people‚Äôs comfort “