Future of Reusable Products

Future of Reusable Products

Future of Reusable Products- How does it help for Better Environment

A simple google search tells us that that USA alone throws away disposable (use & throw) products which is 6 times of what rest of the world throws away every year.

This looks serious ; right ?.

Another serious fact to worry is 30% of the products every year are incinerated (simply burnt in fire) without even using them once. Big reputed brands have been found doing that. Home decor companies produce certain made ups which have extremely serious impact on environment ie. their process, Chemicals and during use.

All above serious mistakes affects the environment from all corners like for ex… marine life in sea. The micro plastics particles & fibers released from this huge disposable product waste ruins the marine life of SEA and that has very negative impact on ecology & human+animal food chain in many ways.

Do we want to stop that? No one is serious about it. Be it Sustainable product coalition or what ever other initiatives. Every one is busy in business & profit with a back ground music of sustainability.

Who cares for Nature or mother earth ? Governments , handful of intellectuals , businessman/Brands ? Who ?

What is the solution ?

Solution lies in one habit which we all have to adopt now is to develop reusable products & solutions which are truly reusable in real sense. How , Why , When ?


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